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The Source Of Knowledge And Science

The University of Daha International in Somalia is a non-profit academic institution and one of the most important institutions of higher education operating in Somalia, was founded in 1434 H corresponding to 2012 by a constellation of Somali intellectuals in light of the collapse of some educational institutions, which forced the nation’s jealous people to do their best to alleviate the pain of this people and has some responsibilities to save this country affected by the deterioration in the edge of illiteracy and ignorance, which were the cause of internal conflicts.
This university was one day only a dream and hope and today it is a fact embodied on the ground, relieves the pain and heal the wounded, and drives its children towards progress and culture in order to serve the causes of the nation and the rejection of backwardness of all kinds.
Over the past 9 years, the University has provided a distinguished service to the people of Somalia in all disciplines. Graduates have undertaken important fields. seven graduates have taken part in various educational, social, economic and other activities needed by the Somali community in these difficult circumstances.
The University, despite its modest potential, has played the role it can play in supporting students in university education so that they can continue their studies in these critical circumstances in order to serve the Somali community in terms of education, and social services to emerge from crises.
During this period, the University has been providing great scientific services to the general society and to its students, especially those who came to it to reap its benefits. It has become a cultural landmark and a unique example to be followed in the academic field. The Alumni of this University Praise be to Allah continued their contribution in view of their active role in the aspects of educational, social, economic, political and judicial life.


DIU emphasis on producing well qualified and equipped generations who can precipitate the development of Somali nation through providing standardized academic curricula and sufficient trainings as well. DIU plays an important role in the spread of the idea of teaching and learning and to fight against illiteracy


DAHA International University wants to achieve what Somali society aspires in the area of education and scientific research and building the knowledge of society in the value of Islamic culture.