The In-Take of the New Students

Bachelor’s Degree Program

Students who are new to the bachelor’s program must:

  • Have a high school certificate or equivalent
  • Be good of conduct.
  • Successfully pass any selection or interview that the university council sees.
  • Be medically fit.
  • To fulfill any other conditions determined by the University Council.
  • Normal Acceptance

Students are accepted and registered before the start of the study in person and then it follows the registration procedures and payment fees and the issuance of the university card.

  • Late Acceptance

A student who is late for registration for a period not exceeding three weeks from the beginning of the study may be accepted by the Dean of Admission and Registration in coordination with the Dean of the College concerned.

  • Re-Admission

Any student who has withdrawn from the University at a good level can apply for re-admission with the obligation to complete the registration requirements and pay the prescribed fees.