Dean’s Message

Congratulations, graduates of 2019

It is a pleasure to see such exceptional graduation ceremony and it is good luck for me to share my extreme happiness with you. I am immensely proud of you: there is no doubt you are a true reflection of the excellence, the values and principles of our Faculty and the University as a whole. The longtime of your study was amazing to me especial your splendid projects presented as your course works.

I wish you many more accomplishments in your journey, which is reaching a new stage today. As you become part of our precious alumni, I will remember you and encourage you to seek innovation and improvement for research, education and patient care. Keep in touch! You will always be welcome in this second home.

Daha International University is Open for you especially our Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.

Thank you for this wonderful time you have spent with us. I hope you continue with your remarkable work with passion and perseverance. Your achievements will improve the country by ‘uplifting the whole people’.


Eng, Dahir Ahmed Hassan

Dean Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science