Memberships & Partnerships

Memberships & Partnerships with International Institutions

Omdorman Islamic University

1912 corresponding to AH 1332 It is a Sudanese Islamic government university established in in the name of the Scientific Institute in Omdurman, and it is one of the universities based AD system.

Ihlas Vakfi

Ihlas Foundation was established in 1975, headed by Enver Oren. For 44, has trained, educated and skilled tens of thousands young people in its dormitories who are beneficial to families, nations and homeland.

African Friendship Association in Turkey

African Friendship Association works in strengthening social and cultural ties between African countries and Turkey.

Ahqaf University Yamen

Al-Ahqaf University was established in Hadhramaut Republic of Yemen according to Ministerial Resolution No. (5) of 1994 AD, issued on Sha’ban 27, 1414 AH corresponding to February 8, 1994 AD. 

Memberships & Partnerships with Local Institutions

Association of Somali University

ASU is a non-profit organization with a vision of promoting collaboration among Somali universities.

The Somali Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature

Somali National Academy of Arts, Sciences and Literature, was an important institution in Somalia that was responsible for the preservation and exploration of national artifacts and other material of national importance.

Islamic Heritage Center in Somalia

The Islamic Heritage Center is a nonprofit organization focused on servicing the needs of the Muslim communities in the Washington Metropolitan Area.The mission of this center is to spread the authentic teachings of Islam to both Muslims and non-Muslims.  

Ahqaf University Yamen