Research and Development Committee

For all scientific studies (publications, projects, exhibitions, R & D activities, technology
production and use of the produced knowledge, technology and innovation for the benefit
of society) in line with the goal of ”research-oriented university” of Daha İnternational
University Conducting the required activities is the main purpose of the Research and
Development Commitee.

Job Description of the Committee

In line with its goal of becoming a research-oriented university, the Committee:
1. Determines and announces the research priorities of the Office in order to
ensure that the scientific studies in the office reach contemporary and
developed country standards,
2. Conducts encouraging studies on the internalization of R&D culture and
raising research scientists. It works to take measures to increase the
awareness of faculty members about the importance of scientific research
and to organize information meetings on the R&D
3. Planning and organization of basic research training (seminars,
conferences, national and international congresses and organization of
education plans) for scientists at all stages,
4. Carries out studies to increase the number of qualified scientific
5. Encourages the development of interdisciplinary studies by increasing
cooperation among researchers,
6. Develops suggestions that support the department’s research and
publication production based on internationally joint R&D,
7. It ensures that the current outputs on research in the office are regularly
compiled and announced at the end of the academic term

Working Order of the Committee

The members of the Research and Development Committee consist of  7 faculty
members, together with the Vice Rector, who conduct qualified research in the
relevant unit.
 Committee members are appointed by the Vice Rector.
 The President is elected from among the Committee members at the first
meeting. Vice Rector, cannot be president of the Committee.
 The term of the Committee members is the same as that of
the Vice Dean (4 years). Re-election is made with the same method instead of the
member whose term has expired or left the Committee.
 The Committee meets once a month. When deemed necessary, an
extraordinary token can be made upon the call of the president.
 Submits its work annually to the Rectorate Research Development and
Coordination Board.

Our Research and Development Committee Members

1.Dr:Saadaq Mohamud Hassan (Reseach and Development Office Director).
2. Najib Daud Walda ( Dean Fculty of Economics and Mgt.Sc).
3. Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Balac (Dean Faculty of Sharia and Law).
4. Abdullahı Abdihakim Ahmed (Associate Dean of Health Science/H.of Nursing Dep).
5. Dr:Adam Ali Aseyr (Dean Faculty of Education)