Daha International University's Research and Development Office

The Research and Development Office (RDO) is responsible for research, project development, academic support processes of DIU faculty members and researchers and funding opportunities for national and international research

Our Mission

To contribute to the successful execution of the process of producing, sharing and using qualified scientific knowledge for the benefit of society, and to contribute to the university’s goal of becoming a research-oriented university that conducts qualified R&D activities and produces technology at the universal level.

Our Vision

To be Office that implements research-oriented university strategies in an effective and sustainable manner, rapidly adapts to newly emerging and developing conditions in the field of R&D, and contributes to the university’s capacity to produce qualified scientific knowledge at the highest level.

Our Task Definition

In order to increase the number of scientific publications, to suggest the improvement of
existing incentives and the implementation of new incentives in order to contribute to the
increase in the number of publications,
 To develop suggestions that support research and publication production based on
international joint R&D,
 To propose the establishment and development of new research-application centers in the
required fields,
 To ensure that studies are carried out to ensure that the R&D culture is internalized at the
 To work on the establishment of the infrastructure that will enable the university to
benefit from international scientific projects at the highest level,
 To support educational activities related to project writing activities that encourage a
common working culture at national and international level,
 To carry out all kinds of research, examination and evaluation activities within the scope
of R&D,
 To establish commissions in areas needed within the scope of research-oriented university
 To inform the academic, administrative and students about R&D,
 To carry out the studies requested by the Rector on related issues

Our Goals

Improving our place in national and international university rankings every year,
 Having all our faculties in the top 10 in our country in terms of producing scientific
 Increasing the number of scientific publications and citations regularly,
 Increasing the number of projects received from R&D support programs,
 Increasing the amount of funds received from R&D support programs,
 To rank higher in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation University Index in terms of
 Increasing the number of projects carried out in cooperation with the University and
 Increase in the amount of funds received from R&D projects in cooperation with
University Industry,
 Increasing the number of R&D projects carried out in international cooperation,
 Increasing the amount of funds obtained from R&D projects in international
 Increasing the number of multidisciplinary researches,

Our Research Policy

Within the scope of the Daha International University’s research mission and vision; It
rapidly adapts to constantly changing and emerging conditions, and conducts qualified
scientific studies at international level. It carries out studies that will contribute to the society
in cooperation with the university-industry. It adopts progress in the relevant fields by
preparing an environment where the works it conducts can turn into entrepreneurial ideas. It
carries out awareness and information sharing activities to spread the R&D culture and
climate within the university. It conducts its researches in accordance with the goals of its
strategic plan, with the awareness of its success in the field of research and development and
its contribution to education and training activities. Research infrastructure and human
resources; It provides support in terms of the number of qualified researchers, support staff
and technicians. It prioritizes collaboration and interactions by placing emphasis on scientific
production and academic appeal. In terms of technological production and economic
contribution; carries out patent, license and firm support studies