Is an Academic conference and covers all academic fields, the purpose of the conference is to inspire, recognize and support research in the all-academic fields. DIUACAR will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for researchers to share views and experiences in all academic areas. It aims to bring together researchers, academician, scholars and students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, research results and discuss the practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in academic areas.


The abstract is a short and concise description of the article, When the abstract is considered independently of the article, it should form a meaningful whole on its own. It is very important to write an effective abstract because the abstract is the section where the readers will get the first idea. DIU editors decide whether to continue reading your article by reading the abstract first.


Considering that every research starts from a problem, it will be useful to start the abstract by mentioning what the problem at hand is. The motivation to do the research and write the article in connection with the problem can be indicated in one sentence. This is often a statement of your starting point for research and is the basis for explaining your purpose. Then, the purpose of the research should be revealed. The purpose statement should be given in a clear and understandable manner in line with the overall article. What has been done and which methods and analyzes have been used to achieve this goal should be briefly mentioned. It should be briefly pointed out that what was achieved at the end of the research and what the obtained findings mean are discussed in the article. Again, the summary can be concluded with a sentence that mentions the contribution and importance of the research results to the field.


You can apply to our conference by sending an abstract. The abstract evaluation process takes a maximum of 5 days. The author is informed of the result of the evaluation without delay. Your abstracts should be between 200-300 words. You have to send your abstracts in word/doc format to Email: research@diu.edu.so  until October 15, 2021 at the latest.


There is a full Paper Submission requirement in our conference. If you wish to have your full Paper published in the conference book, you can send your Full Paper to Email: research@diu.edu.so until October 25, 2021 after your abstract has been accepted.


  • Write in Times New Roman, 12 points (Article title, author names, institutions, e-mail addresses, abstract and keywords should all be 12 points. The author’s font size for parts such as graphics and tables can be determined by the author in the most appropriate way)
  • Give line spacing 1.5
  • Do not indent from the left at the beginning of paragraphs.
  • Your article should be original.
  • Your article should be written in English or Arabic, if it is Arabic guidelines.
  • Main headings should be written in CAPITAL letters and in bold
  • You can use APA style citation format.
  • Your full texts must be at least 5 pages
  • SUMMARY, INTRODUCTION, RESEARCH AND FINDINGS, CONCLUSION and REFERENCES sections should be shown under separate headings in your full texts.

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N.B: You can send all your questions about the conference to the e-mail address of the DIU Research Office, our conference coordinators will reply within the day.  Email: research@diu.edu.so