University Message

Dissemination of science, culture, ideals, civilization and Islamic values, and provide an excellent educational service in the field of university education and scientific research for its students and the delivery of science, knowledge, skills and experiences with the best means and ways to find qualified human resources with high efficiency and able to meet the requirements of development and nation, continuous improvement

University Objectives

  1. Preparing Somali generations having knowledge on Islamic Sharia, Science and technology.
  2. Improving student skills beside the knowledge and professional career on the work through providing seminars and standardized trainings.
  3. Restoring and keeping Somali culture complying with Islamic Sharia.
  4. Developing the economy of Somalia by creating job opportunities to their graduates.
  5. Co-working and relating with other interior and exterior universities.
  6. Preparing strong and intelligent elite students applicable to tomorrow leadership.
  7. Producing students those are experienced research and solving social concerns.